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-Experience can go hand in hand with imagination, creativity and new methods. In fact it's an unbeatable combination and hard to find… she has it!-  




Marta "Tuchi" RamIrez Profile:  

Tuchi is an expert in Graphic Design; her specialty, designing cylindrical or odd-shaped packages and labels requires expertise, creativity, detail and exactitude. Talent, training, patience and hard work are the characteristics of Marta Ramirez's work. She is “cool head and good sense of humor” even when working under pressure.

Interpersonal and Communication skills, Timeliness and Completeness, Innovation and Creativity, Technical proficiency and skill.


Tuchi commenced her Graphics education in Bogotá-Colombia and furthered her studies in Art and Color Techniques at Ecole Supérieure Saint Luc in Brussels and accomplished her knowledge with Packaging Design Seminar at Javeriana University in Bogotá as well as a Sales Seminar and Micro-Industry Seminar. In addition, always striving to keep current, she attended numerous seminars in design and printing techniques, accounting and digital prepress.


Tuchi possesses a complete knowledge of the materials and processes for all modern and traditional printing techniques (offset, flexography, screen, digital printing) including proficiency in desktop software such as: Corel Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, Image Ready, Adobe Illustrator, Front Page and Quark Xpress. Her artistic experience covers techniques such as gouache, aquarelle, black-lead, oil and acrylic and various fabric printing techniques as well.


Her experience in performing cultural and recreational events, thanks to her “ever present” contact with contemporary arts, artists and culture broadens her appeal. Tuchi has excellent public relations and customer service skills, leadership, initiative and a strong sense of responsibility.

She works in three languages, Spanish, French or English. She also has working knowledge of Italian. Tuchi Ramirez is an ideal mix of experience with state-of-the-art style.


Marta Ramirez experience in the graphics and printing fields:


Since 2001, Marta Ramirez works as a freelance Graphic Design Artist and Consultant.  She continues to assist and advise AUROS S.A., Bogotá, Colombia from her location in Niagara, ON.

Also Tuchi is the designer and print production consultant  for EastWest Network, NY, Traverse Bay Farms, MI, Pharmacy Innovations, NY, MCP Pharmacy, KS, Fast Switch, OH, "McWiz" games, Canada, CHH Games in California.


In 1998 Marta assumed the position of Manager of the Production and Design Department at NUEVA IDEA INTERNACIONAL, (producers and exporters of inflatable products for advertising all around the world) Bogotá, Colombia. Coordinators and a plant of 40 operators, including industrial and graphic designers, seamstresses and fabric cutters were under her responsibility.


From 1975 to 1998 she was Manager of the Design and Graphic Arts Department at AUROS S.A., Bogotá, Colombia. This position included making decisions related to design, production programming and quality control, accounting analysis, designers and printing personnel management and customer service.  She developed an industrial graphic design and printing plan for a subsidiary of AUROS S.A., "Auropac" in the production of cardboard packaging products.









Marta "Tuchi"  Ramirez

me... by me in serigraphy 

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